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Total Webcasting Introduces Multilingual Interactive Transcripts

As part of an ongoing effort to make webcasts more accessible, we added multilingual capabilities to our subtitle and transcript offerings. We recently introduced live subtitles in 23 different languages using our speech-to-text encoder—an in-house application that prepares audio content before converting it to text using multiple artificial intelligence platforms.

The newest improvement complements these multilingual subtitles with final human review and highly accurate interactive transcripts for on-demand video. The interactive feature allows viewers to search the transcript for specific content and navigate to the corresponding point in the video. We now offer these transcripts in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, with more languages on the horizon.

 A recent committee meeting for the New York State Department of Health demonstrates the new capabilities. Visitors can see the reviewed transcript in English or Spanish and easily search for the content they want to read or watch, such as a specific application that the committee reviewed.    

Multilingual interactive transcripts add new and important accessibility features for on-demand content. Combined with our feature-rich platform (Total Asset Manager) and on-site production system (TW Mediacart), these new features further enrich our already comprehensive solution for meetings, events, public hearings, and other live productions.

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