Total Webcasting releases the first version of its Portable Hardware Encoder for Live Multilingual Subtitles and CART Service

Total Webcasting has developed and is now using in production our Live Speech to Text Portable Encoder, which provides live subtitles as well as CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation) service using multiple AI platforms. This comprehensive solution for live multilingual subtitles is a first-of-its-kind service, combining a unique portable appliance as the encoder and a robust user interface for an array of interactive features, including operator-generated descriptive text insertion (e.g., “Music playing” or “Applause”). With automated workflow, the live subtitles are systematically combined with Total Webcasting’s postproduction subtitles that produce highly accurate human reviewed interactive transcripts and synchronized subtitles.

With more than a year of development and field testing, Total Webcasting has now added this service as a standard feature to every webcast we do. Additionally, the Speech to Text Encoder and Service can function as a ‘standalone’ solution not requiring Total Webcasting’s full-service option. This approach allows for a much more scalable use of this platform combined with industry-disruptive pricing.

In the coming months there will be ongoing upgrades and improvements to the hardware, application, and cloud services, adding to the feature set and stability of the platform. Additionally, other AI functions and new concepts will be integrated for an even more robust offering.

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