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How Webcasting Enhances Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation from high school is a momentous milestone for all those who achieve it. For many it represents the transition from childhood to adulthood, with graduates going on to attend college, accepting full-time jobs, starting apprenticeships or internships, volunteering for military service, and following many other types of calling. Even though I graduated fifteen years ago, I still remember my own ceremony vividly.

But as significant as graduation is for the students, it is equally important to family members, friends, and other loved ones of the graduates. They want to see the student procession while the band plays “Pomp and Circumstance,” hear the class speeches (especially if its their student behind the podium), but mostly they want to watch their graduate walk across the stage and accept their diploma. However, for a variety of reasons, it may not be possible for someone to attend in person. Fortunately, there are technologies today that can bring a graduation ceremony straight to your screen, even from thousands of miles away. Namely, the power of webcasting makes sure everyone can witness that special moment live.

For several years now, Total Webcasting has provided live video production and webcasting services to many high schools (and even some middle schools) in the Hudson Valley area of New York. Each webcast draws viewers from all over the country and internationally, and like all of our webcasts the footage is recorded for future viewing. Did you miss that special moment because someone stood up in front of you? Was the sun in your eyes? Wish you were able to get the perfect close-up? Have no fear—Total Webcasting captured it all.

Total Webcasting was on site for several high school and middle school graduation ceremonies.

Total Webcasting would like to extend congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates of Marlboro, Monroe-Woodbury, Monticello, Rondout, Valley Central, Wallkill, and elsewhere.