The Value of Customer Relations

We at Total Webcasting value the relationships we foster with customers, and work hard to build trust and good communication. Many of our customers have worked with us for over a decade and we hope to reach that milestone with many others.

Clifford Law Offices, based in Chicago, Illinois, is an example of a customer with whom we’ve developed an enduring relationship. On February 21, 2019, Total Webcasting traveled out to Chicago for the tenth consecutive year to webcast Clifford Law Offices’ continuing legal education (CLE) program. This year’s program, “The Path to Lawyer Well Being & Conscious Inclusion,” was a great success, drawing a webcast audience of almost 3,000 lawyers and helping them earn two hours worth of Illinois CLE credits.

The panel for Clifford Law Offices’ 2019 CLE program.

Fortunately, Total Webcasting has many long-lasting relationships with clients, which is reflective of our reliability and proficiency as a company. In virtually every case, whenever Total Webcasting serves a new customer, we are called back for future work. It is one of our goals to continue to strengthen the business relationships we have, as well as discover new customers and build strong connections with them.

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