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Total Webcasting Shares Conference Across the World

The International Conference on Protection and Accountability in Burma took place on February 8-9, 2019, at Barnard College in Manhattan, and Total Webcasting was there to offer its services on both days.

The conference focused upon the ongoing genocide and related conditions in Myanmar, an arguably underreported and neglected humanitarian crisis. According to the conference flyer, “the conference [was] designed to call the world’s attention to, and educate the international public at large about, the twofold need of protection and accountability which Rohingya genocide survivors and other ethnic and religious minorities such as Kachin, Shan, Karen, Myanmar Muslims, etc. demand and deserve.” The two-day conference was comprised of panels and keynote addresses that brought “together leading Rohingya campaigners, renowned genocide scholars, engaged international law practitioners, UN [United Nations] officials, and international friends of Rohingyas.”

A panel from the first day of the conference.

Many of the in-room attendees came from overseas, and Total Webcasting’s Analytics Report for the webcast audience mirrors these diverse demographics. To date, viewers from more than 300 locations across the world have accessed the conference footage, including a global audience from over 200 cities for the live webcast. The conference was not only popular here in the United States and Southeast Asia (where Myanmar is located), but also in Canada and Europe.

Given the statistics in our Analytics Report, it appears that the conference’s goal of drawing attention to and educating the international community about the crisis in Myanmar was achieved. Total Webcasting is proud to support efforts like this to educate and highlight matters of global import.

Watch the full conference here!