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Total Webcasting Assists NYS Office of Mental Health Spread the Word

Healthcare has come to the forefront of America’s collective conscience of late, and that is no different here in New York State. However, if customers cannot reach healthcare services because of a disability or other obstacle, the quality of that care is moot.

With this hindrance in mind, during the months of November and December 2018, the New York State Office of Mental Health has been hosting listening sessions all across the state aimed at studying ride sharing services for their customers with disabilities. According to the OMH website, these listening sessions will help them “analyze current service options, the need and demand for accessible services, and identify opportunities and barriers to increasing these options for customers with disabilities.”

In order to canvas needs across New York, OMH scheduled the listening sessions in five key locations. The first was held in Buffalo on Nov. 27, the next in Syracuse on Nov. 28, and the third in White Plains (Westchester County) on Nov. 30. The final two are scheduled for Dec. 11 in Albany and Dec. 18 in Greenlawn (Long Island).

Total Webcasting is working with OMH to further enhance accessibility and outreach for all five of these important listening sessions, as well as a final presentation on findings to be held in January, by webcasting all of it live and providing archived footage to be watched again (or anew) on demand. It is imperative to spread the word on matters where one’s health and wellbeing are concerned, and Total Webcasting is proud to lend a hand.

Interested in keeping up with these listening sessions, or care to review what has been covered at the other locations? Follow the links below to stay informed (these will be updated as the final sessions occur).

Buffalo: November 27

Syracuse: November 28

Westchester: November 30

Albany: December 11

Long Island: December 18

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