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Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference Shows Total Webcasting’s Range

As our previous blog posts reflect, Total Webcasting covers a varied assortment of events presented by a diverse range of clientele. From parades that celebrate culture and heritage to conferences hosted by global non-profit organizations to college commencement ceremonies, Total Webcasting has been there to enhance and maximize viewership.

On Saturday, October 27, Total Webcasting was in New York City for the New York Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference, hosted by the Susan G. Komen foundation (known formerly as Susan G. Komen for the Cure and The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation). The conference consisted of keynote speakers, breakout sessions with audience interaction, and expert panels, and aimed to provide “learning, fellowship, pampering and the most current information on treatments, research trials, patient support and national issues related to metastatic/stage IV breast cancer (MBC).”


This year’s New York Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference has been popular viewing all across the country—both the live webcast and on demand—but has also attracted viewers from across the pond in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, etc.) and other countries.

Total Webcasting is proud to provide our services to a variety of customers, which include non-profits, state and local government organizations, educational institutions, private firms and businesses, and healthcare and sports organizations, among others.

Whatever your message may be, Total Webcasting can help you increase viewership and accessibility, just as it has for so many others!

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